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Leveraging Net Promoter with 3 Steps to Acquiring New Sales Ready Leads

Leveraging Net Promoter with 3 Steps to Acquiring New Sales Ready Leads

We just completed a short webinar with our friends at TrueInfluence that was not only well-attended but also had excellent “Question & Answer” participation toward the end.  It’s titled, “3 Steps to Acquiring New Sales-Ready Leads Faster than Ever Before” and discussed how to leverage your customer as assets to create new sales-ready leads faster than ever before.  You can find it here:

3 Steps to New Sales-Ready Leads Faster

The webinar helped the audience in understanding the innovative potential with Net Promoter that has proven to drive new opportunities for sales teams –producing conversion rates in excess of 30%. We also discussed:

  • Where to find these opportunities: The new ‘targeting’ method
  • How to engage them
  • How to get started and how fast you will see results

We’d certainly appreciate any feedback / thoughts around these ideas and the published results, especially from fellow B2B Marketers!

Steve is the Founder of Waypoint Group and mastermind behind TopBox, the voice of customer engagement platform for B2B. As a customer success veteran, Steve has helped shift the Net Promoter® framework for SaaS and B2B companies, highlighting the need for account-based KPI's and measuring ROI for CX. Beware of those silent accounts! Contact him at


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