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Waypoint Group Consulting: Results-driven, custom-tailored.

Waypoint’s proven tools and techniques are the foundation for solutions crafted to get results for your team, with your resources, in your market.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“We’re extremely impressed by the Waypoint Group’s expertise and thought leadership in operational CEM programs for B2B companies. Their expert consulting clearly drives measurable impact for their customers.”

Dale Weideman
Director of B2B Customer Solutions

“TopBox has really helped us to view customer success and feedback at a granular level. These account-based reports have given us a detailed action plan for our CSM’s to help each individual customer achieve their goals.”

David Lieberman
Vice President of Customer Success

Waypoint’s partnership and expertise in voice of customer is unparalleled. They really dive deep into the analytics and deliver unique insights for B2B.

Kevin Lau
Retention Marketing Manager

How the No-Risk Program Works

  1. We will show you how TopBoxTM survey and analysis capabilities work.
  2. If you think there’s something to it then we’ll get under a mutual non-disclosure agreement so you can share. You will need existing customer feedback (“survey”) data. The more raw data, the better. Remember, silent accounts are far more likely to churn, so ideally you will have both invitation data (who was sent survey invitations, i.e. who was asked to provide feedback) as well as the responses so TopBox can expose those “silent but deadly” threats. Don’t worry if you don’t have everything – we’ll work with what you have, and also educate you on best-practices for effective NPS/feedback analysis to improve your customer-intelligence.
  3. We will import your data and schedule an Insights Session with you and the leader in your organization that is accountable to reduce retention and drive expansion.
  4. Following the Insights Session you will be able to continue to use TopBox with the imported data for up to 1 year. If you like what you see then we will be pleased to provide you with a proposal for updating your customer feedback and customer engagement practices with TopBox. By the way, you should also know that TopBox is highly cost-efficient: we’ve yet to find a company that hasn’t actually saved money by moving their customer-feedback insight-to-action process to TopBox. So in the event you wish to do more with TopBox you should also expect to save your company money and acquire a stronger ROI for the effort.

Of course the purpose of any promotion isn’t to just get eyeballs, but to actually bring in new revenue. But obviously since we can’t be all things to all people you may need to be open to new ideas and our *proven* methods that strengthen customer relationships. We are happy to network and explore with you and hope you feel same. This limited-time promotion may be changed or canceled at our discretion. Contact us to get started with a demo so you can visualize the potential.

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