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How is different

  • Better ROI

    Linking your customer revenue with feedback is fundamental. Easily see how much revenue is at-risk of churn, where there is potential for upsell, and whichof your efforts are driving satisfaction. Your team learns exactly what to do to increase retention and revenue.

  • Account Level Insights

    No other customer feedback (“survey”) solution provides account-level insights like TopBox. Use a customer-centric approach to visualize the feedback and make the biggest impact on customer success. Strengthen relationships and understand how one account compares to similar accounts with benchmark reporting.

  • Use What You've Got

    Been running Net Promoter® surveys? Support transactional surveys? No need to start from scratch: Upload your current CX data into TopBox and get new results instantly. Gain executive approval by viewing your data in a fresh perspective. No guesswork or labor intensive trial to gauge whether TopBox will work for you.

  • B2B Exclusive

    TopBox focuses solely on the needs of B2B voice-of-customer success because one “customer” is never just one person. Dive deep into customer sentiment with account-level and individual contact insights, color coded for ease. Gain insight into whether decision makers or day-to-day contacts are the most appropriate follow-up targets.

  • Faster-Than-Fast

    You get insights right out of the box! No painstaking configurations, no protracted setup. TopBox integrates with Salesforce and can use your existing VoC data so executives and customer success managers get the right information fast. 30-days-or-less fast.

  • Mobile Ready

    Get feedback on the go. TopBox uses mobile-friendly questionnaires to capture insights from customers at their desks, while they commute, or enjoying a daily pick-me-up. With beautiful, branded designs, TopBox provides the feedback experience of the mobile age.


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What Our Customers Are Saying

Waypoint’s partnership and expertise in voice of customer is unparalleled. They really dive deep into the analytics and deliver unique insights for B2B.

Kevin Lau
Retention Marketing Manager

“The data we got initially from the pilot survey really enabled us to pursue a meaningful conversation.”

Mike Willwerth
Zyme Solutions

“TopBox has really helped us to view customer success and feedback at a granular level. These account-based reports have given us a detailed action plan for our CSM’s to help each individual customer achieve their goals.”

David Lieberman
Vice President of Customer Success