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    Aligning Customer Success With Customer Experience Company-Wide
    -- Article --

    Aligning Customer Success With Customer Experience Company-Wide

    On June 19th, 2018, a few of us Waypointers attended the inaugural Customer SuccessCon Denver, hosted by Mikael Blaisdell’s Customer Success Association. Our own Steve Bernstein was joined by Paul…MORE >

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    Correlation? Regression? Neither?!?

    I’m often asked, “For Net Promoter / Customer Feedback key driver analysis which is better, correlation or regression?”  Correlation and regression each tell you different things.  The answer might be…MORE >

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    Your VoC Program Shouldn't Require Change

    Readers of this blog may be concerned about the above title. “Don’t change?!?  Don’t we need change in order to adopt a new program within the company?  Aren’t the resulting…MORE >

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    Response Bias Strikes Again

    Great article here in VentureBeat, Why the Internet was wrong about Ron Paul.  We’ve written many times in the past about how response bias — only looking at survey results…MORE >

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    Attack of the Killer Hippos

    We’ve previously written about how Hippos – HIghest Paid Person’s Opinion – can damage ROI.  It’s worth calling out a recent McKinsey study titled, “A Rising Role for IT”, may…MORE >

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    Leveraging Net Promoter with 3 Steps to Acquiring New Sales Ready Leads

    We just completed a short webinar with our friends at TrueInfluence that was not only well-attended but also had excellent “Question & Answer” participation toward the end.  It’s titled, “3…MORE >

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    Marketing is DEAD. Here are 5 Steps to revive it.

    I used to be a proud VP Marketing.  These days ‘marketing’ seems to be all about spamming people with as much noise as possible. Many Marketing organizations plod along with open…MORE >

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    Net Promoter & Statistics: When Accuracy Goes Haywire, and 5 Ways to Proceed

    As a practitioner in the field of Customer Insights / Customer Experience / Net Promoter / Voice-of-the-Customer (what are we supposed to call this field, anyway?!?), I am frequently asked, “How many responses do we need to be statistically significant?” Here’s what I’ve learned after 22 years of professional experience.