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Aligning Customer Success With Customer Experience Company-Wide

Posted on July 13, 2018 , by Andrew Schulkind
Aligning Customer Success With Customer Experience Company-Wide

On June 19th, 2018, a few of us Waypointers attended the inaugural Customer SuccessCon Denver, hosted by Mikael Blaisdell’s Customer Success Association. Our own Steve Bernstein was joined by Paul Piazza, Senior Director of CS at Reciprocity Labs, for a chat centered around driving a Customer-centric culture and enabling CSMs to collaborate with the rest of the company to drive the right improvements.  achieve company-wide buy-in for your customer success initiatives. Click here to watch the discussion in its entirety, but if you can’t spare the 25 minutes right now here are some of the highlights:

3:30: Paul Piazza explains where to start

10:07: What to do with items outside your span of control

12:00: What about NPS in B2B, and How feedback can predict churn

19:05 Difference between a survey and a program

22:10 Driving up response rates