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The Value of Trustworthy Data

Posted on January 27, 2012 , by Steve Bernstein

Earlier today I had the opportunity to be a guest on Blogtalk Radio to discuss “Trustworthy Data.”  As this is such a meaty topic and we had only 15 minutes, this was the first session on acquiring and acting on actionable customer insights.  In today’s session we defined “Trustworthy data,” discussed how VoC Practitioners can effectively drive improvement with this critical component, and how VoC/customer-feedback/Net Promoter programs can leverage their charter to drive profitable growth for their company.
The direct link to the recording is at
In future discussions we’re planning to continue with a focus on

  • Defining “trustworthy data,” from practices in statistics (such as statistical significance and margin-of-error) to revenue contribution, coverage, and response
  • Deriving importance
  • Making the improvement (growth) happen

BTW, all of these topics will be addressed in detail at VoC Fusion– the World’s Largest Voice-of-Customer event – held in Las Vegas in May.  Will you be able to attend?