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    It’s Not About Smiling More: Creating a Measureable Customer Experience Culture at Thomson Reuters

    It’s Not About Smiling More:  Creating a Measureable Customer Experience Culture at Thomson Reuters Presented by Barbara Graovac, VP and GM of Thomson Reuters Employer Market, NACCM 2010 Use right-brain…MORE >

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    Keeping it Real with Customers: Nationwide on your Side

    Keeping it Real with Customers:  Nationwide on your Side Presented by Jasmine Green, Chief Customer Advocate, Office of Customer Advocacy, at NACCM 2010 Empower the front-line with empathy. Initially born…MORE >

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    Changing Customer Loss Into a Win

    If you are going to lose money on the transaction anyway, would like to at least keep the customer? Stew Leonard, President of Stew Leonard’s retail grocery chain told a…MORE >

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    Estimating the ROI of Customer Centricity

    Note:  This presentation by Kunal Gupta of Burke at NACCM 2010 echoes the sentiment you’ll often read here on the Waypoint blog.  Followers of this blog know that everything we…MORE >

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    Rogers Communications’ Customer Retention & Satisfaction Approach

    Presented by Josée Bourdages — NACCM 2010 Listen to be proactive. Josée oversees service strategy and customer loyalty for Rogers’ Fido brand, which is perceived as the most caring brand…MORE >

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    Journey to Call Center Satisfaction

    Valerie Foxman, GE Capital Retail Consumer Finance (RCF) “We’re all in this together.” Valerie manages First Call Resolution (FCR) and Voice of the Customer (VoC) for GE Capital RCF.  With…MORE >

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    Customer Loyalty in a Disruptive Business Environment

    Presented by Jill Noblett, former SVP Wyndham Hotel Group and now Principal Noblett Consulting — NACCM 2010 Focus first on what customer’s value; not on customer value. Wyndham has 12…MORE >

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    Customer Engagement through Social CRM: You Can’t Fake It

    Presented by Lewis Goldman, New Media Consulting, NACCM 2010 There is a lot of hype around social media.  The key is that this is 2-way communication. Fewer and fewer people…MORE >

  • -- Article --

    Netezza’s High Touch Customer Strategy

    Presentation from Trish Cotter – SVP Worldwide Service Operations (Owns Manufacturing & Support) — NACCM, 2010 “You can’t do everything, so make sure the things you do are done right. …MORE >

  • -- Article --

    Benchmarks, "Smenchmarks"?

    Quite a lot has been written about “Customer Satisfaction” and “Net Promoter”benchmarks from 3rd parties.  I understand the curiosity, but I’m not clear on why are these deemed “important,” and as usual…MORE >

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    Meet at NACCM?

    I’ll be out to Orlando October 24 through 27 for the annual North American Conference on Customer Management (NACCM), one of the best events focused on customer experience and customer…MORE >

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    Net Promoter in the Real World

    Whenever I am questioned on the use of Net Promoter, I like to tell an anecdote from a challenging time in my career: with the crashing economy in 2008-2009, my…MORE >