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    Net Promoter Hype vs. Reality

    I recently wrote about Peer 1’s customer success challenge to their hosting industry competitors. Their call has been answered, and the ante was raised in the process with “better” scores….MORE >

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    Customer Intimacy Creates ROI

    While a growing number of B2B and B2C Marketing organizations publish their Net Promoter scores as a potential differentiator, I’m wondering why Marketing departments have been slow to embrace Net…MORE >

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    Competing on Customer Success

    In a bold and potentially controversial move, Peer 1 Hosting has issued a challenge to all other hosting providers to publish their Net Promoter Scores.  As many businesses can become…MORE >

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    Silent Accounts are Clear Sign of Churn Risk

    The loudest customers often get the most attention. But the silent majority is very often an ignored asset for most companies.  Let’s explore: Those that are familiar with Net Promoter…MORE >

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    Crystal Ball for Sale: Cheap!

    What would you pay for a crystal ball? You can peer into the future to see your company’s future performance.  So why don’t you do it? If you are part of…MORE >

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    What’s your most important asset?

    Many executives will say their most important asset is their employees or their products. I would argue that for most companies it’s their customers. Why? Customers fuel your growth. We…MORE >

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    New research: Impact on Service from Products & Brand

    After working with several clients in service / support (“contact center”) organizations we’ve been able to assemble some cool new research on the impact of Products & Brand on the…MORE >

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    I wish this was true

    Quick update from my note below about Schwab and the difference between “products” and “customer experience” (see Great products but Bad Experience = DETRACTOR ) A letter arrived in today’s mail (a…MORE >

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    Great products but Bad Experience = DETRACTOR

    I’m completely perplexed. I have been a huge fan of Schwab for many years – great products, even better service, and a no-hassle way of working with their customers. But…MORE >

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    96% Satisfaction == 40% LOSS!

    Everyone seems to be talking about “Customer Satisfaction” in one form or another. The most common is the claim that goes something like, “We can prove that our customers love…MORE >

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    Customer Reference database: Under $20 each!

    I’m so excited by this result that I have to share this selfish plug! We just finished building a customer reference database for one of our clients and I was…MORE >

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    Taleo customers beware?

    I caught this quote from Taleo’s CEO, Michael Gregoire last week, “It’s tough to kill a software company. Usually the only way to put a nail in the coffin is…MORE >