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    Imagine what you could do if you had…

    What would it be worth to you and your company if you knew: The total value of a customer that was a fan of your company (a Promoter) compared to…MORE >

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    The 4 Steps For Setting Goals with Net Promoter

    Congratulations for working on goals for improving your Net Promoter Score (or other customer loyalty metric)!  Most companies measure customer loyalty (or satisfaction as a poor proxy), but unfortunately many…MORE >

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    The One “P” That Matters

    Marketing folks having always talked about the 4 P’s:  price, product, promotion, and place.  But there’s a new P in town, and it matters more than any other: Promoters. Promoters…MORE >

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    Please Don’t Try to Censor Your Promoters

    I thrive on collaboration.  It gives me the opportunity to learn and always produces better results. So sorry for the rant but I thought the folks at McKinsey would feel…MORE >

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    Waypoint Group Accepted into the Net Promoter Loyalty Partner Program

    I’m excited to announce that Waypoint Group has been accepted into the Net Promoter® Loyalty Partner program.  Our employees have been Net Promoter Certified Professionals since our founding, and now…MORE >

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    Net Promoter is NOT a Customer Survey

    Net Promoter is so simple in explanation that it’s often confused with “customer surveys.”  The fact is that calculating a Net Promoter Score IS easy – just add the “Recommend”…MORE >

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    Net Promoter Neutral Isn’t

    There’s always debate on how anchoring scales can impact results.  Recently there was a lively discussion on LinkedIn asking if anchoring the midpoint (score of 5 on a 0 to…MORE >

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    Stop Trying To Delight Your Customers

    Harvard Business Review just published an article “Stop Trying To Delight Your Customers,” the premise being that over the top service is not what builds customer loyalty, but rather the…MORE >

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    Sage gets it

    As a student of Net Promoter best practices and the results that can be achieved from applied NPS discipline, its always great to see a company that “gets it”. At Sage’s…MORE >

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    Wake Up, Brush Your Teeth, Eat Breakfast and Put Customers First

    I run our global Relationship Value Program (RVP), which is our named account based customer loyalty program.  I am asked all the time ‘How do I successfully engage the field?’…MORE >

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    Mine those Lemons!

    Sharing a few experiences illustrating how to turn potentially bad experiences into positive ones: 1. My Lexus was recalled by that gas pedal thing.  Here’s what my Lexus dealer did…MORE >

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    Starting With a Named Account Based Program is a Money Move…….Literally.

    Am I the only one that finds it strange that so many companies kick off their customer experience and loyalty programs focused on market stats, customer satisfaction scores and Net…MORE >