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New Whitepaper: Accelerate Profitable Growth Through Stakeholder Engagement

Posted on June 19, 2019 , by Steve Bernstein

We have just published a new whitepaper for folks driving Customer Success in B2B firms and seeking to proactively engage the right customer-contacts in the right way at the right time to obtain the right insights.

The paper focuses on engaging the right stakeholders in your customer accounts (think “Renewal Buying Committee” participants/Key-stakeholders, not just end-users or your customer “champions” or end-users).  Decision Makers, budget holders, key influencers, project managers, architects, etc. are generally involved in the initial sale and certainly have influence over renewal decisions… do you know if they are happy and successful? Are you certain that they are promoters/advocates for you?  Or are there lingering concerns that made these stakeholders disengage or become detractors, potentially impacting your renewal and expansion plays?

The paper is titled, “Driving Customer Retention and Expansion Through Stakeholder Engagement” and may be downloaded here, where you’ll find methods and example data-visualizations that will assist in helping an organization take a proactive stance when managing B2B customer accounts in pursuit of improving retention and accelerating expansion.

This is a companion to our previous paper which was titled, “The Silver Bullet to Customer Health Scoring: Improving Account Footprint and Engagement for Stronger Customer Relationships.”  While the “Silver Bullet” paper discuss the method for more accurate and predictive Customer Health Scoring, this new whitepaper provides tips and techniques in several areas that are critical to Customer Success:

  • What is a proactive Customer Feedback & Engagement program and how does it deliver ROI through
    • Reduced churn
    • Accelerated expansion revenue from existing customers
    • Increased advocacy (“positive word-of-mouth”) that accelerates pipeline for net-new sales
    • Improved position on Gartner’s Magic QuadrantTM , Forrester WaveTM or other industry recognition or award.
  • How CSMs can improve their effectiveness (increased retention and expansion) while also improving their productivity (efficiency measured by amount of revenue managed per CSM)
  • A few examples of critical visualizations that make it easier to drive action at all levels
  • What is a “top box” scoring methodology and how it is better than relying on averages
  • How technology can help scale the program to improve CSM efficiency and effectiveness at the same time

All questions, concerns, thoughts, ideas and comments are welcome!  We love feedback and aim to help, so if there’s anything we can clarify or provide then let us know and we’ll get right on it!

Gartner Magic Quadrant and Forrester Wave are trademarks of Gartner, Inc. and Forrester Research, Inc, respectively.