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The Silver Bullet to Customer Health Scoring

(This TopBox screenshot represents a “Sales friendly” way to visualize account relationships. The paper provides step-by-step guidance for engaging the right people in an account to strengthen the right relationships in pursuit of improved retention and expansion. Click to see full image.)

Improving Account Footprint and Engagement for Stronger Customer Relationships

B2B companies are looking for smart ways to accelerate profitable growth through improvements in customer retention and expansion. Customer Health Scoring (CHS) has been evangelized as the way to understand when and how to best engage with a customer account, while also helping company executives understand the health of the customer base. But because today’s popular CHS methods generally rely on sophisticated modeling that is unique to each business, most “Customer Success” practitioners have found such scores to be incomplete, misleading, and difficult to action.

Our research has identified a better way. It involves the identification and engagement of the right people in the account. There are three critical elements to making this work: Footprint, Engagement, and Sentiment.

This paper develops these in depth, and includes a detailed case example from a company that has mastered this technique and profited immensely from the effort.  If you only have a few minutes, read the Case Example that immediately follows the introduction, then use the rest of the paper as a “cook book” to guide your processes to strengthen customer relationships and build smarter Customer Health Scores.

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