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Having trouble with JSPs nee QBRs? Try this meeting framework instead

Posted on August 8, 2022 , by Steve Bernstein
Having trouble with JSPs nee QBRs? Try this meeting framework instead

Would you like to meet with your key stakeholders in the account on a regular cadence to align on perceptions, future, and priorities?

These business reviews are variously called JSPs, QBRs, or EBRs, but face a common set of issues:
– Difficult to schedule as the customer feels they are a waste and even ghosts the requester
– People don’t show up
– The wrong agenda focused on the vendor’s plans and not on the customer’s situation/needs
– CS folks send post-meeting satisfaction surveys and get little feedback

MINDSET is key to the solution. Make it all about them:

1. In ADVANCE of the meeting, indicate that you want to align around their priorities and perceptions. To make the best use of THEIR time, ask them to complete a ~3-minute assessment questionnaire informing you about their perceptions of key experiences and outcomes. Pledge to be transparent by sharing the anonymized results in the meeting.

Recognize that an account has many stakeholders with perceptions around what’s working and what needs to be course-corrected. This is your opportunity to STOP “single threading” with a sole champion/point-of-contact. Recognize that varying personas have varying expectations and requirements, and this is YOUR opportunity to demonstrate that you care about a range of colleagues.

2.  Schedule the meeting according to customer milestones. Use “active recruiting” (see no. 1).

3.    Customer Success Manager then compiles the data into a key visualization such as one from TopBox, which makes it easy with a single click to show what’s working and not working in an account.

4.    Share a draft plan to leverage the good and eliminate the bad. Leverage our simple template.

5.    Execute. Repeat with a client-driven cadence down the road…