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Joint Success Plan Template

You need customer feedback to be sure you are working on the right things that will strengthen customer relationships and drive expansion opportunities.

This template provides the basis for engaging the key contacts on an account’s buying committee (Decision Makers, Key Influencers, Power users, etc) ahead of a planning meeting to get feedback via a short (~10 question, role-based questionnaire) that can then be utilized as part of the the meeting. We think of it like a short version of a questionnaire that you’d fill out before seeing a new doctor, so that the physician can then diagnose and recommend courses of action.

Steps for use:

  1. Prior to the meeting you’d ask the key contacts to provide feedback via a short questionnaire so that you can take the right actions. We call this Active Recruiting, and more information on this can be found at
  2. Using the feedback provided, you’d review the feedback and fill in the “internal view” slide to be prepared to discuss what is working and not-working.
  3. In the meeting, you’d transparently review the feedback that the various contacts provided, along with new updates and capabilities for which you’d want your client to be aware. With the understand of new capabilities plus a clear understanding of gaps in your customers’ expectations, you can now work jointly to prioritize the right improvements based on what the diverse set of contacts have told you.

Download the PowerPoint slides here.