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Who Am I and Why Am I Here?

Posted on February 24, 2011 , by cxjen

(No, it’s not an existential question to ponder.  It’s just my introduction as a new author in this blogspace!)
Like some of you I’ve had the pleasure of meeting through the years, I ended up in the formal Customer Experience field when my day job morphed into something unexpected and – at the time – somewhat leading edge. There were advantages and disadvantages to going where no one in my company had gone before – for one thing, no one else had done my job before and would be there standing over my shoulder telling me how to do it. On the flipside, no one else had done my job before and would be there standing over my shoulder telling me how to do it!
Three years later I’m proud to say I’ve overseen a Customer Experience Program that, more significantly than its numeric gains in Net Promoter Scores alone, can lay claim to substantially increased engagement and customer-centricity of its personnel and a new propensity to ask, “How will this affect our customers?” before decisions are made at all levels of the organization.
I’ve learned a lot along the way about what works. I may have learned more about what doesn’t. One thing I’ve learned, above all else, is that the Customer Experience community is like none other I’ve experienced in my career.
I first crossed paths with Steve Bernstein at the 2009 Satmetrix Net Promoter Conference in San Francisco. We were re-acquainted when his blog post published both here and over at the Allegiance site, “Averages are just so-so,” caught my eye. His key theme resonated with my main mantra on the job: “The point should be to drive improvement and take action,” not to obsess over the number. Moreover, his challenge to report upward “top box” scoring of just 9s and 10s of “customers who are with you” was completely aligned with the next phase of my program – to move beyond neutralizing Detractors and start effectively activating Promoters!
I reached out. And here I am!
It is my hope that as I contribute as an author to this site I can help you, in some small way, just as others in what I’ve heard affectionately referred to as the “Net Promoter Nation” have helped me!
I am wholeheartedly looking forward to this experience and what we can gain from each others’ perspectives. “Hear, hear” to customer-focused collaboration!
~ Jen Maldonado