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NPS is so 2010… A Modern, Scalable Approach to Measure and Improve B2B Customer Sentiment to Accelerate Growth in NRR

Is your company measuring Net Promoter Score (NPS) by sending surveys to your customers? You may be surprised to learn that your company is likely doing it wrong: NPS as it was originally designed was based entirely on studying CONSUMER B2C businesses, not B2B. If you truly want to know what’s working and what needs improvement so you can course-correct, at both the account-level (for the CS organization) and the cohort-level (for the Product and Marketing teams, among others), then you’ll likely want to rethink your process.

(By the way, there are “penalties” for doing it wrong, and not just because your B2B-based Net Promoter Score is far from accurate: We KNOW that surveys without action do more harm than good (here’s one set of data/research), both from

  1. Declining customer sentiment from sending a survey that says, “Your feedback is important” but then you never act on it, and
  2. From un-subscription and customer-disengagement rates)

We’re pleased to provide this whitepaper — click the paper title to download directly with no registration required: Whitepaper-NPS-Is-So-2010-12032021.pdf (280 downloads) — that describes the elements of a Net Promoter process that actually delivers ROI, not just measurement.  This paper covers the 3 most important elements of successful customer engagement and “health” while also providing a trustworthy Net Promoter Score:

  1. Context
  2. Representative (trustworthy) feedback
  3. Process automation

When these elements are designed properly, you’ll find proactive customer engagement to improve quality of life for the Customer Success team while also accelerating profitable growth for the company — a true win-win-win for all parties. At a high level, the process looks like this:

(Click image for full size)

Download directly with no registration required: Whitepaper-NPS-Is-So-2010-12032021.pdf (280 downloads)

Note, even though this paper is NOT gated with no registration is required to obtain it, we’d still love to collaborate!  All questions, concerns, and advice/feedback are sincerely appreciated so please feel free to reach out to the author, Steve Bernstein for a value-add discussion (and Steve’s not a sales person so there will be nothing pushy or unnerving, just collaboration).