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Go Beyond NPS Measurement With the Right Four ▢

People talk. When they talk about you, what are they saying?

Wouldn’t you like to listen in on the water-cooler and boardroom conversations that are happening within your customer accounts?

Now you can.


Waypoint Group’s latest white paper outlines the methods and tools you can use to achieve the same significant rewards as companies who have adopted the principles of Customer Listening and Engagement have reaped:

  • Improved customer retention (reduced churn) from stronger customer relationships
  • Accelerated revenue expansion from true customer engagement
  • More net-new leads that close faster from an “advocate army” that brings in referrals, references, and testimonials

“Customer satisfaction” and engagement are not only key components of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant™ (QM) but are business-critical: We all know that most of today’s buyers network at industry events with peers and “backdoor” references before ever talking to any vendors’ sales people.

B2B companies need a system to optimally engage their most important accounts and contacts AT SCALE and obtain actionable insights to manage word-of-mouth, prevent churn, and grow their business (and appear in Gartner’s “Leader” quadrant). This paper introduces the Right Four ▢, a methodology to strengthen customer relationships with

  1. The Right Customer Contacts
  2. At the Right Time
  3. To Acquire the Right Information
  4. And Address the Right Customer Topics

You will also find example visualizations, KPIs, and tactical processes in this paper. They will help you drive a focus on the customer accounts and contacts that matter most.

With techniques for acquiring engagement and insight specifically in B2B environments – where complexity and politics often reign supreme – the paper provides an introduction to truly engaging and listening to customers in a scalable way through appropriate use of technology and human efforts.