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Webinar Recording: Questionnaire Design

Posted on June 25, 2014 , by Sabrina Bozek

Highlights from the discussion, Top 10 Reasons Your Questionnaire Needs Help:

10. It is signed by the CEO (not a believable sender)
9. It treats all respondents the same
8. It asks the same question several different ways
7. It is worded from your perspective, not theirs
6. It strays from a “customer experience” objective
5. It fails to establish WIIFM (“what’s in it for me?”)
4. It doesn’t proceed in a logical flow
3. It doesn’t appropriate set expectations about “investment”
2. It comes from “donotreply”
1. It asks the customer to provide information that you should know

Also, this month we concluded our Insight to Action webinar series with Medallia! It was quite the series with topics including:

  • Effective Governance
  • Financial Linkage
  • Questionnaire Design.

In case you missed it, you can find the full recording here.