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70% of B2B companies collect NPS®-like customer feedback but only 30% actually use the results.

By participating in our free no-risk program you can:

We’ve invested so much R&D in TopBoxTM – the B2B Customer Engagement platform – that we are confident it will provide you with new insights straight out of the box. In fact, we are so confident that you will gain new actionable insights from TopBoxTM that we provide a free no-risk program. As background, TopBox answers critical business questions including:

  • Which accounts are most likely to churn?
  • Which CSMs/Account Teams are appropriately engaging their accounts to get ahead of retention and drive expansion?
  • How much revenue is at risk of churn, and why?
  • Where are the best opportunities for expansion?
  • What is the difference in value between a “happy” customer and an “unhappy” customer?
  • On which areas should an account team/CSM focus with an Account?

And more.

TopBoxTM has this insight you’ve been missing.