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The Secret Sauce for B2B Voice Of Customer Programs

Posted on September 3, 2013 , by Steve Bernstein
CATEGORIES: Lessons Learned

I’ve been able to learn quite a lot over my 20+ years working with B2B companies to design and implement successful Customer Experience programs.  Lessons-learned (so far!) have resulted in many-many millions of dollars in increased sales for our clients, not to mention the improved experiences that have fostered success for our clients’ customers.
I had the opportunity to share those learnings on a recent webinar, “The Secret Sauce for B2B Voice of Customer Programs:  Engage Your Sales Force in Improving the Customer Experience.”  I had time on this event to share 4 key techniques.
Rather than just a standard presentation-style event, I was pleased to have a “question and answer” conversation that helped explain while still using a few slides to illustrate critical points.  We heard from some attendees that the conversational style was more difficult to follow, while others said that the live discussion was more engaging.  Either way, the feedback indicated that attendees with all levels of expertise in the topic benefited from the material.  Take a listen… what do you think about the style (and content)?  I’d love if you can comment here or drop me a private note (steveb at on how to improve for the next event.