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The Importance of ARTful data!

Posted on May 30, 2023 , by Steve Bernstein
The Importance of ARTful data!

What is the role of ARTful data in building a successful #NPS assessment program for #B2B?

Remember that a single-point-of-contact is a single-point-of-failure. Instead, I focus on Coverage — ensuring the right personas are engaged in the account – and ensuring that we provide sentiment (“temperature”) of each contact with why they feel that way. To build ARTful data:

1. ACTIONABLE feedback, i.e. based on true root cause. Was the product truly “adopted” with the hearts 💓 and minds 💡 of the end users? Were their expectations met? For more on root causes, check out my recent LinkedIn post:

2. REPRESENTATIVE feedback, i.e. represents the BUSINESS at both the account level (right account persona are participating) and the cohort level (are hearing from your major revenue producers).

3. TRUSTWORTHY feedback, i.e. straight from the customer with no “translation” by Customer Success into tiny anecdotes that lack the underlying data.

We also KNOW that silent accounts are up to 14x more likely to churn. If you’re not hearing from the right people in the right way at the right time then you’ve got problems regardless of metric.

The ARTful framework is qualitative. Don’t forget the more SCIENTIFIC aspects, like questionnaire design, analytics/data-science/statistical analysis, human-centric design, and process reinforcement (Our TopBox™ platform incorporates both art and science).