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SAP AG Takes Action
-- Success Story --

SAP AG Takes Action

Waypoint Group was initially engaged to conduct a thorough analysis of historical customer feedback results to identify and recommend improvements that would drive optimal actions.


Although SAP AG was conducting customer surveys for many years, the Executive Board decided to move away from simply measuring customer satisfaction and focus more on cultivating relationships and responding to customer issues.

We quickly determined that the feedback results did not represent the business, which led to an assessment of the company’s customer feedback processes. We identified many areas in which the program was neither capturing trustworthy data nor gaining the ability to put feedback to work. Simultaneously, the executive team decided to implement Net Promoter, as it has been successful used by several of their prominent customers.


Waypoint Group helped implement a Net Promoter program that could not only deliver trustworthy insights, but also facilitate change within the organization to accelerate customer success. Waypoint Group conducted a series of workshops with personnel at all levels, leading to the design and adoption of a comprehensive Customer Experience program with 6 core elements.

  1. Well defined program objectives and success measures.
  2. Clearly established operating model that engaged employees and customers via good governance, accountability, and visibility with more than just another “survey.”
  3. Actionable insights delivered to both front-line Account Managers and also to structural “back office” teams throughout the company.
  4. Trustworthy data collection strategy that ensured the right information – sentiment, financials, usage, and transactions—was collected about the right customers at the right time.
  5. Simple but comprehensive closed-loop follow-up process with individual customers to acquire root-cause issues, while also linking individual customer experiences with company financials to appropriately prioritize and optimize structural investments.
  6. Technology-enabled system to ensure the program was executable, sustainable and profitable.