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Intacct Creates Customers for Life
-- Success Story --

Intacct Creates Customers for Life

Intacct is all about creating Customers for Life and use TopBox’s feedback analytics to improve customer success.


Intacct, a global cloud ERP software provider, hired Waypoint Group to establish a closed-loop customer engagement program pinpointing gaps and opportunities for customer success.


Intacct used TopBox to deploy quarterly feedback surveys and analyze the data, which has streamlined the entire feedback process and allowed the account teams to followup with 100% of customers. Through 1-to-1 account-based reporting, Intacct’s team views both individual and high-level insights that shed light on how specific people view the company and how that bubbles up to an account, segment, and overall. These insights are easily shared across the company for maximum impact on product innovation, marketing and sales optimizations.


Using TopBox, the Intacct Client Services and Customer Success teams developed a holistic program adding value to both customers as well as across the company. Account teams can now proactively address customer needs, provide solutions, and have improved the quality of their customer data with role-based segmentation for customer contacts, including Decision Makers, Influencers, and End Users.

  • Improved Response Rates by 900 Percent
  • Identified a leading indicator of engagement and satisfaction
  • Proactive Solutions
  • Reduced Time to Identify Intacct MVPs

This new program has allowed the front-line to easily follow-up with customers, quickly engage those who have questions, and discuss new features and functionality they may have missed from Intacct’s quarterly releases. The leadership team also has the ability to prioritize improvements across the business and allocate resources in critical areas.

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