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Humanity Saves 46 Accounts from Churn
-- Success Story --

Humanity Saves 46 Accounts from Churn

Humanity deployed TopBox to complement account health scores by creating a cohesive system of dialogue with customers, fuel marketing & product innovation, and drive customer success.


Humanity, a global workforce management company, wanted to increase account retention, gain deeper insight into customers’ needs, and propel product enhancements by adding in a robust customer feedback program.


Waypoint Group helped implement a monthly feedback program that could not only deliver insights about what customers want and need, but also be shared across the organization to accelerate customer success. When responses came in that gave extremely high (9-10) or low scores (0-4), the CS account managers were notified immediately to follow-up. By unrolling monthly feedback requests, the number of follow-ups is kept to a manageable level and allows the team to respond in 24 hours or less.


In only three months time, the team has been able to firmly plant the customer at the center of the company and have given executives a clearer view of what customers need to be successful.

  • 680+ advocates identified
  • Converted 46 at-risk accounts
  • Initiated 20 case studies for Marketing, saving 80+ hours in production
  • Compiled a Top 10 list of key customer requested product enhancements
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