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B2B Telecommunications Firm Changes Trajectory
-- Success Story --

B2B Telecommunications Firm Changes Trajectory

Waypoint Group was hired to embed an internal system focused on customer service, Provide internal visibility into the most pressing customer concerns, and Design and implement an easy and effective closed-loop process.


Our client provides voice and data solutions to small and medium businesses. This market is fiercely competitive, with many companies considering this critical infrastructure to be a commodity. As a result, our client was experiencing customer churn at an average rate of 18% each year, causing flat growth that essentially swapped churned customers with newly acquired replacements.


We understand that Customer Experience programs perform best when they are firmly adopted by employees at all levels. While “executive mandates” might often help a program get started, a mandate rarely engages employees to drive the required cultural change. Therefore, we worked closely with the executive team in 3 critical areas:

  1. Design a simple governance structure that provided cross-functional visibility and peer-level accountability for optimizing the customer experience.
  2. Establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that everyone in the company could understand and know how to enforce without “gaming” the system.
  3. Implement and ongoing customer feedback and reporting mechanism that would spotlight both high-performing areas for recognition and company-wide syndication, and also “hot spots” that required rapid service recovery.


The company is now on a completely new trajectory! As a result of the program and approach, managers across the company have real-time visibility into customer sentiment with associated “bright spots” and “hot spots.” They have optimized staffing into more effective teams based on delivering a differentiated customer experience.

While the company had set a 2-year goal to reduce attrition from 18% to 5%, the goal was achieved in just 12 months. Employees are engaged and motivated. The company is growing, and moving to lead and transform their industry with a new acquisition strategy.