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SubZero Stinks

Posted on November 5, 2009 , by Steve Bernstein

Yes, it’s true. I’m not happy at all with SubZero.  There, I said it.  Publicly.
I expected more from a premium brand which costs 2 to 3x the competition.  The brand promise is about quality.  Yet quality isn’t at all what I got.
Want to know what’s even more interesting?  Although I was unhappy with the experience to date, what really got me ticked off was when their 3rd party survey company contacted me for SubZero’s satisfaction survey.  Not only did I tell them I was unhappy, but I responded “YES!” when I was asked if I “wanted someone from corporate to contact me.”  I was pleasantly surprised by the question and thought they might actually be able to rescue the relationship.

SubZero doesn't need to listen?

SubZero doesn't need to listen?

No such luck.  They never followed-up.  Never contacted me.  Never tried to fix it.
I could get into the details of why I was unhappy, but suffice it to say their quality control process seems to be completely non-existent.  It took 5 MONTHS to resolve the problem, with too many calls and 3 appointments where I needed to be waiting at home during their 4-hour time window for the field tech to arrive, only to find that SubZero had shipped defective parts 3 different times (yes, you read that right).
So now that they had their chance I feel compelled to write this.  I invite them to get in touch with me and see if they want my feedback so they can improve (what a gift to them!) –