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Stop Treating your B2B Customer Surveys or NPS program like a B2C effort

Posted on October 29, 2020 , by Steve Bernstein

“How hard could it be… it’s just a survey, right?”

I often hear this sentiment. Although getting feedback in a B2B doesn’t need to be difficult, it DOES need to be done in a B2B context. Are you guilty of treating your B2B feedback effort (nay, “survey”) like that of a consumer-focused company? If so, you’re not only wasting an opportunity to effectively engage customers and truly understand what’s working well and what needs improvement, but you’re also inadvertently creating a wedge between you and your customers… they don’t appreciate (and more likely to churn!) being treated like lab-rats being monitored in some sort of measurement exercise that doesn’t benefit them.

I discussed several aspects of effective B2B programs with my friend and fellow CX professional, Evan Klein, with the consulting firm, Satrix Solutions. They’ve created brief videos for each section, along with a full transcript in case that’s better for you than the audio.  The first video discusses the various persona that exist in B2B accounts, and sprung from a lively discussion on LinkedIn around “Who’s the ‘customer’ in B2B?”

Click here to watch:

Should All Customer Feedback Be Considered Equal?


And for more info on how B2B programs operate:

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