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Poll Results: How People Think of their Feedback efforts

Posted on April 17, 2012 , by Steve Bernstein
CATEGORIES: Loyalty Research
Poll Results: How People Think of their Feedback efforts

Last week we conducted a completely NON-scientific poll in which we asked people involved in “customer feedback” programs to tell us how they refer to their effort. The question was posed to readers of our blog and through LinkedIn groups that cover “customer feedback” in some way.
It’s interesting to see that most people took the time to click through and look at the 1-question poll and then didn’t respond. Also interesting to see from related research that while most people use Net Promoter they generally don’t refer to their program that way.

For those that responded, "Customer Experience" was most often named

For those that responded, “Customer Experience” was most often named [Click to see full size]

We won’t infer anything from this simple poll, although perhaps our industry can start rallying behind the most cited “Customer Experience” moniker… thoughts?