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New VoC Solution specific to B2B

Posted on November 12, 2013 , by Steve Bernstein

When Medallia asked me to participate in the launch of their new B2B solution I was more than happy to agree.  While Waypoint Group remains “agnostic” when it comes to Voice-of-Customer Platforms (we always prefer to recommend multiple options to our clients based on our experience and fit with program needs, not giving preference to one particular platform), I’ll do as much as I can to further the cause of taking action based on customer feedback and help grow our industry.  It’s exciting to see technology providers understand that B2B firms have different needs than consumer-based businesses (some examples of those differences are here and here).  I suspect we’ll see more of these types of announcements in the future, and I’m looking forward to having additional recommendations for our clients looking to gain results from their B2B Customer Experience efforts.
Medallia’s press announcement can be found here
Medallia Expands Offering for Business-to-Business Companies With 360-Degree Account Management Reporting
Do you think we’ll see further specialization in the technologies that support our programs?  Who will lead?