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Meet Your New CS Team Member: TopBox

Posted on November 6, 2014 , by Sabrina Bozek

Working with B2B clients over the years, we’ve prided ourselves in producing actionable and unique deliverables. But we couldn’t help but notice that once a client engagement was complete and they became self-sustainable, an issue arose: the specialized B2B reports we developed were not easily replicable for independently deployed survey waves. There were no B2B customer success technology vendors in the market that could offer our account-level insights and relationship reporting.
So we took it upon ourselves to encapsulate our years of industry experience and answer that need: we are proud to announce the creation of TopBox! This voice-of-customer feedback tool is the only B2B customer success solution specifically designed for small-to-medium sized businesses (SMB).
TopBox delivers…

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) with unique B2B capabilities such as:
    • B2B Account-level reporting, including Account X-Rays, Benchmarking, and invitation and response guidelines
    • Non-Responder alerts (in addition to robust response management)
    • A/B Comparisons
    • Integration with Salesforce and others
    • Financial Linkage
  • Consultative guidance and survey administration support
  • Built-in best practices in:
    • Survey communications
    • Closed loop follow-up
    • Unique account-based reporting
    • Templates for action plans and materials for customer QBRs
  • And more!

SMBs have a lot going on with limited resources. And, your focus should be on the customer, not administrative tasks like survey deployment. TopBox provides a managed service to fill that gap, especially for companies that don’t have a dedicated Survey Administrator role. Relieve inundated staff with this comprehensive feedback tool that delivers high value with an affordable price tag.
Topbox-Coverage-screenshot2Executives will get a clear view on portfolio health with best-in-class analytics that depict trends by account type, product tier, location, and many other segments specific to the way your company goes-to-market. Dashboards distill data to specific contacts within accounts for targeted follow-up. Proactively identifying churn risk and upsell opportunities has never been so easy.
But is the data trustworthy? Good question. Sporadic responses from disparate product groups and accounts can plague customer feedback and improvement efforts. With TopBox, management will be able to view the distribution of data across all segments to understand how representative the responses are and whether the data is credible enough to base decisions. If there is a lag in responses, team members will know in real time, during the survey wave, where to focus engagement efforts to help drive up rates and fill holes in the coverage.
While the product encompasses stellar features, we know it all comes down to value for SMBs. With value-based pricing, this tool encourages customers to include as many contacts and invitations as possible. Casting a wide net is necessary, so TopBox will never charge more for that. Users can also get up-and-running in about a week, seeing results in 30 days or less, saving precious time as well.
We’re excited how this product will complement so many of the Customer Success initiatives our partners provide to the B2B space. We’d love to talk with you about integrating our services.
Not planning on running a survey right now? That’s ok– Upload historical data and get an idea for the kinds of metrics to utilize in 2015. View feedback in a new light and see how TopBox can transform your customer success program!
Visit the TopBox website to get a glimpse of some of the metrics and reports available within TopBox. Let us know if you’d like to schedule a demo or discuss the product further. We’d appreciate your feedback!