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Journey Mapping Starts with “Who” To drive the Right Outcomes

Posted on June 8, 2021 , by Steve Bernstein
Journey Mapping Starts with “Who” To drive the Right Outcomes

Want to learn how Github, with over 50Million customers, “thinks different” about Journey Mapping to optimize the Customer Experience?

Watch this ~90 second clip from the end of the interview with Barnali Chatterjee (Bonnie), VP of Customer Experience for Github. Github leverages trustworthy customer feedback to prioritize the right initiatives, and Journey Maps are action plans to drive real CX-improvement across the company.

If you want more “meat” from a true B2B CX leader, here’s the rest of the discussion, broken into meaty, bite-size morsels that skip all the small-talk:

  1. Why Need It?
  2. Journey Mapping in B2B – What is it?
  3. Defining the Customer is Critical:
  4. Start with “Who” (Persona!):
  5. How to Prioritize:
  6. What is the ROI on Journey Mapping:
  7. Who should be participating?
  8. The CX Team:

Full 30-minute video is here.