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Fabulous Example of Customer Listening and Root-cause

Posted on September 28, 2016 , by Steve Bernstein
Fabulous Example of Customer Listening and Root-cause

Readers of this blog know that you don’t get to root-cause from surveys:  Just like a doctor can’t provide a proper cure without a full examination, you’ll learn symptoms from your questionnaires, but there are far too many variables to be able to understand customer expectations, including how and where those expectations are set and managed.  Well-crafted “surveys” provide the themes that need exploration, and implementing the optimal fixes generally requires deeper-dive discussions with internal experts and customers around why customers say their particular experience didn’t align with their expectations.
So I was excited to read Don Field’s most recent blog, describing a process he undertook to improve customers’ experience with training.  When most people think about training evaluations and improvement they naturally tend to think about content and courseware.  But as Don knows there’s far more to the “training” experience, and the more they can understand their customer — both needs and a “day in the life” — the better they can create the optimal solutions for mutual success.
Click here to read how AlienVault demonstrates a great example of customer-centric thinking.  Congratulations and many thanks to Don and his team for this example. I suspect we’ll continue to see great things from Don’s team at AlienVault as they strengthen relationships and experiences (such as a follow-on to this training improvement example, to ever-improve the ability to apply training to one’s job) and accelerate growth rates for the company.