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6 Steps for Your NPS Action Plan

6 Steps for Your NPS Action Plan

Asking your customers for feedback, whether it’s NPS® or another methodology, is 1 tiny step in understanding the voice of customer.

The steps that come next are the crucial components to achieving customer success because they uncover the root cause of any bright spots or pain points in the customer journey. Too many times, companies collect a score and forget about it for a year. But what’s the point in that? Surveys aren’t fun for customers, so make it worth their while!

Reward them by taking action and proactively understanding their goals and pain points.

So we compiled the 6 Must-Do Steps in an NPS® Action Plan. Once you’ve received all the feedback, make a point to close the loop and…

  1. Prove your value to extreme Detractors
  2. Activate those Advocates
  3. Awaken the Silent accounts
  4. Prove it to the Passives
  5. Share the Gold with other Departments
  6. Shout it from the Rooftops!

Plus, this short ebook provides ideal timelines for these steps and proof that this works — 2 case examples from previous research and clients who have gotten results with these action items.