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Does Your B2B Feedback Program Save 46 Accounts in 3 Months?

Posted on December 15, 2015 , by Sabrina Bozek
Does Your B2B Feedback Program Save 46 Accounts in 3 Months?

b2b feedback program results
We love our customers and we love it even more when they are successful using the tools and knowledge we’ve given them! It’s with great pleasure that we share our latest case study, starring Humanity: global workforce management and beautifully simple scheduling software.
Humanity’s VP of Client Services, Paul Piazza, reached out to Waypoint Group to leverage B2B customer feedback in a way that would help his team better understand what customers really want and need from their product. Using TopBox, Paul and his team have been able to achieve amazing results in a short period of time.
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In only 3 months, the CS team at Humanity has been able to identify 687 Promoters and save 46 accounts from churning! 
To hit such high marks, the team rolled out a monthly feedback strategy, ensuring that the number of customers responding at one time would be manageable for follow-up. This has allowed the team to close the loop in 24 hours or less, impressing customers not only in speed but because the company was clearly listening and cares about their success.

“We’ve seen tremendous ROI from just 3 months of using TopBox. The built-in reports have reduced the time it takes to analyze the data, and put it into action, delighting customers along the way. I’ve personally received tons of direct messages thanking us for responding quickly to their concerns and for making the process easy on their end.” – Paul Piazza, VP of Client Services

Humanity has also been able to share the insights with Marketing, Product and Sales teams, enhancing product innovation and content for prospects. By segmenting feedback by product type and industry, the team is able to use an account-based management approach to customer success.

Find out the revenue-enhancing business questions Humanity can now answer through robust feedback analysis:

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