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New Research Proves Customer Marketing Works Best by Activating Advocates

Posted on August 17, 2016 , by Sabrina Bozek

It’s no secret that B2B customer marketing works best when you have a formalized plan to help manage your word-of-mouth for growth. So it wasn’t all too surprising to us when our latest research demonstrated just that:

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Specifically, successful advocate marketers, who we have labeled “Achievers” in the report, are much more likely to have invested in referral and reviews programs. This makes sense and proves what we have suspected all along:  referrals are possibly the easiest way to track ROI from individual advocates. And with the increasing ability to capture leads from B2B review sites, the need for positive reviews continues to grow.
When you can confidently say that you know who your advocates are – and whom they aren’t – advocate marketing worksthen you can run an effective program.
Because it’s not enough to create the Advocate Army; you need to keep them happy through a combination of customer success and account management, so the relationship is mutually beneficial at the personal — not corporate — level. Plus, being able to tie a specific person’s referrals, reviews, and reference calls to revenue is key when reporting ROI. And being able to know exactly who you should be reaching out to with those asks, or who in an account needs more time to become successful, is the first step.
Check out our latest research that shows how B2B marketers are investing in different types of advocacy and learn tips from fellow practitioners to help you grow your own army!

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