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    Net Promoter & Statistics: When Accuracy Goes Haywire, and 5 Ways to Proceed

    As a practitioner in the field of Customer Insights / Customer Experience / Net Promoter / Voice-of-the-Customer (what are we supposed to call this field, anyway?!?), I am frequently asked, “How many responses do we need to be statistically significant?” Here’s what I’ve learned after 22 years of professional experience.

  • -- Article --

    Benchmarks, "Smenchmarks"?

    Quite a lot has been written about “Customer Satisfaction” and “Net Promoter”benchmarks from 3rd parties.  I understand the curiosity, but I’m not clear on why are these deemed “important,” and as usual…MORE >

  • -- Article --

    The 4 Steps For Setting Goals with Net Promoter

    Congratulations for working on goals for improving your Net Promoter Score (or other customer loyalty metric)!  Most companies measure customer loyalty (or satisfaction as a poor proxy), but unfortunately many…MORE >

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    Silent Accounts are Clear Sign of Churn Risk
    -- Article --

    Silent Accounts are Clear Sign of Churn Risk

    The loudest customers often get the most attention. But the silent majority is very often an ignored asset for most companies.  Let’s explore: Those that are familiar with Net Promoter…MORE >