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Your Bonus Program is Creating Bad Employees

Posted on May 26, 2017 , by Steve Bernstein
Your Bonus Program is Creating Bad Employees

Let’s keep this one short and let the 3-panel cartoon show the story that we’ve all experienced, but often encourage in our own companies.
Who among us enjoys a service representative saying such things?  Put the other way, which would be better for the business:  honest, candid feedback from 100% of your customers that can drive the right improvements, or only positive feedback from the 10% of your customers that aren’t put-off by such business practices?
Remember, the silent majority is a killer.  While seeing 9’s and 10’s is a wonderful compliment, getting any feedback from our customers is truly a gift (see this post for the financial implications in B2B)… shouldn’t that be rewarded?
I encourage companies to stop focusing on what’s NOT important (the score) and instead focus on what IS important (how to do better than the competition).   Perhaps we can help stop the insanity by simply refusing to participate in such outrageous business practices.