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Beginning the journey without a map: Defining the Strategic Customer Engagement Practice

Posted on September 6, 2012 , by Dimagers

customer journey mapping

Define what success looks like for your customer experience practice and how you will get there.

by Diane Magers
If you are just starting, or are transforming, your customer experience practice, there is a driving desire for a quick win. A need to show financial results in the next quarterly meeting. A need to “check the box” that you are “doing“ customer experience. But you wouldn’t start a business without a plan of action, a strategy, processes, a roadmap, but most importantly, a definition of success? It’s the same with customer journey mapping and the entire Experience.
Launching a survey, jumping right into a measurement or listening to customers without a carefully thought out plan is like opening the doors of a new business without inventory, clerks, or a cash register. You will find quick wins, but you will continue to Band-aid and churn activities without any real direction. Even if you are starting with a pilot to get your feet wet, it still requires careful thought and planning.
We need to drive and manage customer experience tactical activities with strategic intent. Resources, processes and planning are needed to determining how we will:
• Respond and react to customer issues and great experiences
• Communicate the change to elevate customer centricity in your organization
• Learn to search for and find insights that lead to action
• Target and achieve customer value and benefits
• Design and launch initiatives to fix the root cause of issues
Start or transform your current Customer Experience practice by clearly defining your mission, goals, customer strategy, objectives, key performance indicators, timeline and roadmap, objectives and other key components of your blueprint for success. Creating this charter and business plan – all the while knowing the document will be a living, breathing reflection of what you learn and how you adjust – can be a key success factor to your new practice.


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