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advocate marketing customer success

Watch the video below!

Advocate marketing is a great growth strategy, tapping your happiest customers for referrals, case studies, testimonials, and to be an overall sounding board to attract new accounts. But what about those unhappy customers that possibly undermine the referrals by those advocates?
It’s important to make the connection between advocate marketing and customer success because until your clients are successful, they can’t become your promoter!
We had a great time at Influitive’s Advocamp this year, hearing so many stories on the power of advocacy. Our own Steve Bernstein was honored to speak about how Advocate Marketing and Customer Success can become besties, working together to grow topline revenue by simply opening the doors of communication and breaking down internal silos.
Check out this short video below of Steve’s Amptalk that discusses the dark side of negative word-of-mouth, which often comes from lack of communication between account teams and marketing.
Topics include:

  • Silent Accounts in relation to churn
  • Do you really know someone is an advocate?
  • The building blocks of accurate customer health assessment
  • Learn how to HEAR your customers, based on the teachings in Failure Sucks! (More for Your Customers, Than for You)written by Waypoint Group.