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“B2B customers expect more than service, they expect you to help them be successful.”

–Steve Bernstein, Founder, Waypoint Group


Customer Feedback Design

Customer Feedback Design

We are uniquely positioned to provide B2B best practices that engage your customers for VoC insights and enable customer success.

Trustworthy Insights

Trustworthy Insights

How do you know if you are collecting the right information from the right contacts? We do. Collect trustworthy insights that drive results.

Actionable Data

Actionable Data

What to do with all that data you possess? Enhance your CS program to produce strong evidence for strategic business decisions.

Closed Loop Practices

Closed Loop Practices

Too often, feedback is collected that leads to, “How can I act on this?” We teach you to get to the root cause quickly and build loyalty at the same time.

Front-Line Training

Front-Line Training

We’ll design a training strategy for you that works to get everyone on board and with skin-in-the-game to deliver the best customer experience.

Financial Linkage

Financial Linkage

Don’t waste your time worrying about scores. Get metrics that matter by linking important financial data with customer insights.



You’ve got a lot of data, we’ve got a lot of experience analyzing it. We’ll identify Key Performance Indicators and prioritize the right solutions.



Our success can only be measured by your success. We provide tailored B2B templates, reports & best practices in executing program objectives.

What We Do

Cartoon for success mission on websiteOur Mission is Simple: To help you grow cost effectively. Through hands-on, analytics based tools, Waypoint Group identifies, prioritizes and delivers actionable customer insights that link to financial growth. Align customer success with business objectives and watch your customer feedback data work for you.

As a Net Promoter Loyalty Partner, we have pioneered the business-to-business (B2B) customer experience industry, helping organizations ranging from 250 to 55,000 employees to:

  • Increase revenues by as much as 43% over 24 months
  • Reduce operational costs by as much as 22% over 12 months
  • Retain front-line employees through better execution, reducing turnover expenses

Achieve measurable ROI within weeks of implementing Waypoint’s customer-centric initiatives that link to revenue gains.


Answer any question with voice-of-customer insights…



Activate Advocates

How can we expand and retain existing customers?

Shape Product Development

What new capability should be included in our product or service? 

Assess Referral Rates

How much are positive and negative referrals adding to/costing our company?

Reduce Churn

What is causing customers to leave and how specifically can we reduce churn? 


Case Studies

The Buzz on WG

  • "You helped bring clarity to the VoC topic, and introduced us to a new way of looking at customer feedback. I'm truly grateful for having had the opportunity to work alongside you.  It's been a great partnership!"
    Phil Morin, Vice President, Global Customer ExperienceSAP
  • “…very effective in creating better relationships and exposing problems that our customers are experiencing, but not necessarily talking about.”
    Kurt Wolfgang, CEOVelocity Networks
  • "We're extremely impressed by the Waypoint Group's expertise and thought leadership in operational CEM programs for B2B companies.  Their expert consulting clearly drives measurable impact for their customers.”
    Dale Weideman, Director of B2B Customer Solutions Medallia
  • “[We were] implementing new programs, roles and tools at the same time. The level of collaboration, patience and support were extremely helpful. I have no complaints and would highly recommend Waypoint Group.”
    Stephanie Sills, Director Customer SuccessZyme Solutions
  • “The experience and tools gave us a great start on our Net Promoter program.”
    Roger Erickson, Vice President, Global Cusomer SuccessDocuSign
  • "The data we got initially from the pilot survey really enabled us to pursue a meaningful conversation on how our solutions impact the channel visibility Zyme provides to our customers. We are clearly armed with a much better understanding of our accounts when walking into business reviews.”
    Mike Willwerth, Director of Territory SalesZyme Solutions

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