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Mine those Lemons!

Posted on June 3, 2010 , by Steve Bernstein
CATEGORIES: Lessons Learned

Sharing a few experiences illustrating how to turn potentially bad experiences into positive ones:
1. My Lexus was recalled by that gas pedal thing.  Here’s what my Lexus dealer did for me:

  1. Proactively called me to make the appointment

    What's a glass of tasty lemonade cost, compared to the negative word-of-mouth that can otherwise result?

  2. Had a brand new (800 miles!), beautiful Lexus loaner car waiting for me at drop off
  3. Did a full inspection while they had it (sure, they want to cross-sell — seems win-win, no?)
  4. The kicker:  not only did they completely clean it as always, but they proactively FILLED UP MY GAS TANK FOR FREE!

Talk about lemons-to-lemonade!
2. My oh-so-lovely Schwab credit card (which I have unhappily written about) decided to change my account number, requiring me to change all my auto-pay settings.  That stinks.  I have VPI Pet Insurance for my dog, Fletch and I can’t remember my username and password so I call.  They pick up on the first ring, take my name and address.  They ask, “How’s Fletch?  I just love labs and I’ll bet he’s still acting like a playful pup still at 3 years old!”, forming a nice personal connection that I can only assume is because they have my dog’s health history and know he’s well.  People always love to talk about their pets: How hard was that?
Just wish I could have written something nice about Schwab… I thought they “got it.”