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Net Promoter in the Real World

Posted on October 4, 2010 , by lizteubner

Whenever I am questioned on the use of Net Promoter, I like to tell an anecdote from a challenging time in my career: with the crashing economy in 2008-2009, my company at the time – a professional services firm – filed for Chapter 11, bankruptcy protection.
Within twelve hours of the Chapter 11 filing announcement, the Firm leadership was able to schedule a meeting with every single strategic stakeholder we had, and each stakeholder had a  “Promoter, Detractor, or Passive” next to their name. Understanding how each stakeholder viewed our services allowed us to quickly tailor the conversation appropriately to discuss with them the firm’s current situation.
We did not lose a single client in between the Chapter 11 filing and the subsequent sale and transition of the company’s contracts to a new firm, and I can’t help but be grateful we had spent the years prior building out a stakeholder map that included a Net Promoter ranking.
There are many client feedback metrics, and there is a lot of actionable information that can be gathered in addition to a single Net Promoter score, but when I think about what has been most strategically useful to me when building and maintaining client relationships, Net Promoter is always the first thing to spring to mind.