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Marketing DOES impact the Customer Experience

Posted on February 3, 2011 , by Steve Bernstein
CATEGORIES: Lessons Learned

When we think of “Customer Experience” or “Customer Loyalty” most of us think about the product, Service, or Sales.  These are “touchpoints” that tend to impact customer loyalty the most.  The Marketing organization isn’t immune either.
I recently received this email promo from United Airlines:
United tries to provide an easy way to reward their customers
What a great campaign!  I never click on these things but we’re planning a vacation this summer.  The subject line, timing, message, and copy worked.  So I clicked.
And here’s what resulted…

Does United Airlines know when Summer is?

Does United Airlines know when Summer is?

Why do these yo-yo’s define “Summer” as Spring?!?  I finally gave up after 10 minutes on the site looking for “summer” travel.  This, from the airline with the tag line, “The mileage program that wants you to use your miles.”
Here’s another airline example, blogged about on Bruce Temkin’s Customer experience Matters site.  I love the quote from the service employee,
I don’t know; it’s just a promo they’re running.”
Are you concerned at all that employees from your company might say this to a customer?  What message would it send?
Marketing campaigns MUST connect with – and market to – their fellow employees.  Although both United and American may not be able to sink any lower, they do provide great examples of how to get it wrong and should serve as a lesson-learned to involve front-line personnel in the campaign.  If you want to genuinely improve the relationships with your customers and reap the rewards of a loyal customer base, remember it’s all about actions not words.