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Give him one day…

Posted on January 19, 2011 , by Steve Bernstein

Why Most Powerpoint Presentations Suck

2nd Edition of Rick's Leading Book -- definitely worth owning

Driving action based on customer insights can be tough.  “Selling” the message is critical, and many of us leverage PowerPoint for that, where the message can be easily lost in the medium.  I don’t often “advertize” for 3rd parties, but since this topic is so important and since I’m a Promoter (having attended an event myself) it seems appropriate to pass this info along:
Rick Altman is a well-known presentations consultant who helps companies worldwide with their presentation skills development. He is about to begin a series of one-day workshops across the country. Rick is well-regarded as a presentations coach and PowerPoint trainer, and his agenda of topics looks strong. You can get more info at