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Please Don’t Try to Censor Your Promoters

Posted on September 14, 2010 , by Steve Bernstein
CATEGORIES: Lessons Learned

I thrive on collaboration.  It gives me the opportunity to learn and always produces better results.
So sorry for the rant but I thought the folks at McKinsey would feel the same way.  After all, they have some reasonable content and community through their “McKinsey Quarterly” publication. So when I saw a recent article that missed some recent research, I decided to comment and ask for their (and their community’s) thoughts.
What I got in return was an email stating, “We have published your comments…  Please note that they may have been edited for length and clarity.”  They edited the content and removed my question. 
I’d love to understand why they did that.   And any thoughts on whether this policy produces Promoters…or Detractors…?   I did ask the folks at McKinsey why, but received no reply.
Possibly even more ironic, the McKinsey article that I commented on was titled, “Boosting the productivity of knowledge workers.”