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    VoC Best Practices from Major SF Bay Area Companies

    Waypoint Group hosted a local networking group we have endearingly entitled BICEP, Bay Area Innovative Customer Experience Professionals.  It was a fabulous opportunity for local customer experience folks to gather over lunch…MORE >

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    Customer Experience Black Belt

    Waypoint Group will be at VoC-Fusion, billed as “The World’s Largest Voice-of-Customer Event.”  The conference promises to be extremely useful for anyone running a customer feedback/loyalty program, not to mention…MORE >

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    Turbo Charge Marketing: Do Something Different

    We had the opportunity this week to publish an article in FunnelFacts, a new and focused publication from the folks at DemandCon. The periodical features innovative strategies and tactics for…MORE >

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    The Value of Trustworthy Data

    Earlier today I had the opportunity to be a guest on Blogtalk Radio to discuss “Trustworthy Data.”  As this is such a meaty topic and we had only 15 minutes,…MORE >

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    Attack of the Killer Hippos

    We’ve previously written about how Hippos – HIghest Paid Person’s Opinion – can damage ROI.  It’s worth calling out a recent McKinsey study titled, “A Rising Role for IT”, may…MORE >

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    Do you know the magic word?

    We are conducting a client training, and as I process the comments & questions, I am reminded of a childhood song I was taught growing up … It goes like…MORE >

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    Leveraging Net Promoter with 3 Steps to Acquiring New Sales Ready Leads

    We just completed a short webinar with our friends at TrueInfluence that was not only well-attended but also had excellent “Question & Answer” participation toward the end.  It’s titled, “3…MORE >

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    Customer Obsession == #1 Market Position

    Here’s more evidence that focusing on the customer – not yourself – is the key to winning in business.  This quote from Jeff Bezos, CEO  of Amazon.Com, caught my attention: Amazon’s…MORE >

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    DemandCon is Coming!

    DemandCon is Coming! DemandCon is Coming! There’s a brand new event coming in May this year called DemandCon.  Especially this time of year you might be asking, “How is this…MORE >

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    No, that’s not loyalty!

    Interesting news about the effectiveness of “Customer Loyalty Programs” from a recent study: Percentage of Americans that feel the loyalty program makes them feel valued:  27% Percentage of Americans that…MORE >

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    Who Am I and Why Am I Here?

    (No, it’s not an existential question to ponder.  It’s just my introduction as a new author in this blogspace!) Like some of you I’ve had the pleasure of meeting through…MORE >

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    Is Net Promoter Too-Little, too-Late for Nokia?

    The Finland-based communications firm Nokia made news last week in what appears to be a significant change of strategy to stay alive.  Perhaps the most important piece of news was…MORE >