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    Friday Funny (But I Wish It Weren't!)

    I caught this in The Onion and it’s worth reading in case you didn’t catch it. Nation’s Cable Companies Announce They’re Just Going To Take $100 From Everyone As CX…MORE >

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    Product Announcements Aim for Customer Delight

    Living in the great city of San Francisco, I try to take advantage of the elite speakers, conferences and events that pass through town.  This week, Optimizely, an A/B testing…MORE >

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    Part 1 of Insight to Action Series: Effective Governance

    This week we kicked off our 3-part webinar series with Medallia on Turning Insight to Action for B2B Voice of Customer programs! Our first topic was Effective Governance, which focused…MORE >

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    Top 5 Reasons Why Identifying Advocates Needs a Formal Strategy

    An email floated into my inbox the other day from a company with a request for votes to win an award in their industry. Why they thought I would be…MORE >

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    2013 CX Predictions: How did they pan out?

    One of my favorite parts about December are the year’s “Best of” compilations and crystal ball predictions for next year. Does anyone ever checkup on how the year played out?…MORE >

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    New VoC Solution specific to B2B

    When Medallia asked me to participate in the launch of their new B2B solution I was more than happy to agree.  While Waypoint Group remains “agnostic” when it comes to…MORE >

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    Why Your B2B Customer Should be #1 in 2014

    When it comes to budgeting for 2014, many CEOs are trying to decide what new initiatives will move the needle next year. We thought it pertinent to illustrate why budgeting…MORE >

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    When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong

    As a semi-recent San Franciscan transplant, I felt it was my duty to dine at a local, legendary steak house, of which I won’t name names. It was my boyfriend’s…MORE >

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    A New Era in B2B Customer Experience

    I was extremely excited – and quite proud! – that our friends at SAP (the $20B global enterprise software company) published intimate details of their Customer Success program in their…MORE >

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    Recognition for Customer Experience Excellence
    -- Article --

    Recognition for Customer Experience Excellence

      Bruce Temkin of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) – the global, non-profit association dedicated to the advancement of customer experience management practices – announced today the winners of the…MORE >

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    Crafting Surveys to Accelerate Sales

    I had the opportunity to participate in a webinar with JBara and Marketo in which we discussed how “Customer Success Managers” (who are typically focused on customer retention and cross-sell/up-sell…MORE >

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    Important Webinar for Customer Success Managers

    We’re participating in an informative webinar, “Best Practices in Surveys for World-Class Customer Success Management.”  We’ll be joined by folks from Marketo and JBara, to share real-world experiences that have…MORE >