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  • -- Article --

    Crucial steps to take before becoming a customer experience data Nostradamus

    Blog 2 in 3 Part Series on Analysis of Bias-Filled Data Though most people associate the ability to predict the future with their neighborhood fortune-teller, customer experience practitioners are often…MORE >

  • -- Article --

    Why you should consider bias in your customer feedback data (and correct it!)

    Blog 1 in 3 Part Series on Analysis of Bias-Filled Data So you’ve designed the perfect customer feedback questionnaire, sent it out to your entire customer base and the responses…MORE >

  • -- Article --

    Response Bias Strikes Again

    Great article here in VentureBeat, Why the Internet was wrong about Ron Paul.  We’ve written many times in the past about how response bias — only looking at survey results…MORE >

  • -- Article --

    Net Promoter & Statistics: When Accuracy Goes Haywire, and 5 Ways to Proceed

    As a practitioner in the field of Customer Insights / Customer Experience / Net Promoter / Voice-of-the-Customer (what are we supposed to call this field, anyway?!?), I am frequently asked, “How many responses do we need to be statistically significant?” Here’s what I’ve learned after 22 years of professional experience.

  • -- Article --

    Fun with Net Promoter Customer Insights

    In our research and (often) statistics-heavy industry it’s easy to go heads-down and just focus on the work.  But Net Promoter and customer Insight work can be fun – take…MORE >

  • -- Article --

    Estimating the ROI of Customer Centricity

    Note:  This presentation by Kunal Gupta of Burke at NACCM 2010 echoes the sentiment you’ll often read here on the Waypoint blog.  Followers of this blog know that everything we…MORE >

  • -- Article --

    The 4 Steps For Setting Goals with Net Promoter

    Congratulations for working on goals for improving your Net Promoter Score (or other customer loyalty metric)!  Most companies measure customer loyalty (or satisfaction as a poor proxy), but unfortunately many…MORE >

  • -- Article --

    The One “P” That Matters

    Marketing folks having always talked about the 4 P’s:  price, product, promotion, and place.  But there’s a new P in town, and it matters more than any other: Promoters. Promoters…MORE >

  • -- Article --

    Net Promoter Neutral Isn’t

    There’s always debate on how anchoring scales can impact results.  Recently there was a lively discussion on LinkedIn asking if anchoring the midpoint (score of 5 on a 0 to…MORE >

  • -- Article --

    Starting With a Named Account Based Program is a Money Move…….Literally.

    Am I the only one that finds it strange that so many companies kick off their customer experience and loyalty programs focused on market stats, customer satisfaction scores and Net…MORE >

  • -- Article --

    The Importance of “Importance”

    It’s such a simple word – we all know what “important” means – but when it comes to prioritization most of us seem to suffer from, “Everything’s important!”  Take customer…MORE >

  • -- Article --

    Crystal Ball for Sale: Cheap!

    What would you pay for a crystal ball? You can peer into the future to see your company’s future performance.  So why don’t you do it? If you are part of…MORE >