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    From Detractor to Promoter in 140 Characters

    I am – obviously- a believer in companies having a comprehensive client satisfaction assessment program. I think it’s an important metric to track, a useful tool for planning, and an…MORE >

  • -- Article --

    New research: Impact on Service from Products & Brand

    After working with several clients in service / support (“contact center”) organizations we’ve been able to assemble some cool new research on the impact of Products & Brand on the…MORE >

  • -- Article --

    SubZero Customer Service – 1; Me – 0

    Thought I’d post a short update on my saga with SubZero. After trying to go through their normal channels I found that SubZero’s Customer Service organization DOES seem to care…MORE >

  • -- Article --

    SubZero Stinks

    Yes, it’s true. I’m not happy at all with SubZero. There, I said it. Publicly. Want to know what’s even more interesting? Although I was unhappy with the experience to date, what really got me ticked off…

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