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  • -- Article --

    The Secret Sauce for B2B Voice Of Customer Programs

    I’ve been able to learn quite a lot over my 20+ years working with B2B companies to design and implement successful Customer Experience programs.  Lessons-learned (so far!) have resulted in…MORE >

  • -- Article --

    Beginning the journey without a map: Defining the Strategic Customer Engagement Practice

    by Diane Magers If you are just starting, or are transforming, your customer experience practice, there is a driving desire for a quick win. A need to show financial results…MORE >

  • -- Article --

    A Swing and Miss for Sales and Marketing

    I had the opportunity to fly Delta airlines recently.  Never been on that airline before (really) as I’ve been stuck in a stupid “loyalty” program elsewhere.  Imagine my surprise when…MORE >

  • -- Article --

    Too Much of a Good Thing?

    Is it possible to have “too much of a good thing” when it comes to customer experiences?  My ongoing experience with a frozen yogurt franchise screams “yes!”  Sure, the staff…MORE >

  • -- Article --

    Marketing is DEAD. Here are 5 Steps to revive it.

    I used to be a proud VP Marketing.  These days ‘marketing’ seems to be all about spamming people with as much noise as possible. Many Marketing organizations plod along with open…MORE >

  • -- Article --

    Just One Tip to Avoid Disaster

    So much has been written about Netflix, including my post below, so this letter to Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, will be short. Dear Reed, I’ll bet you’re feeling pretty…MORE >

  • -- Article --

    Is this more evidence that Netflix doesn’t get it?

    [Update Sept 22: Check out the link at the bottom of this post for a funny trail from like-minded customers! – Steve] Like many Netflix subscribers I was incensed at…MORE >

  • -- Article --

    10 “Voice of the Customer” quotes: One-liners that every executive will love

    10 “Voice of the Customer” quotes Our collection of quotes run the gamut from the need to understand the customer better to cautionary tales of not engaging with customers enough. Do…MORE >

  • -- Article --

    Top 3 Reasons Why Customer Satisfaction Surveys Hurt More than They Help…and How to Fix Them

    We’ve all seen those customer satisfaction surveys in one form or another. “Bank X has a 96% Customer Satisfaction rating!” “Please rate your satisfaction with your most recent experience…” Companies spend millions of dollars on those every year. Are they getting their money’s worth? Certainly not. Here’s why…

  • -- Article --

    Don't Just Mind the Gap; Bridge It!

    A popular Customer Experience phrase of late has been “Mind the gaps.”  Most times by “gaps” it’s meant the valleys in between the peak experiences.  Your company may excel at phone…MORE >

  • -- Article --

    Solving for All Sides

    Recently I had the privilege of accompanying my 11-year-old to the Cube-A-Palooza speed-cubing contest at Stanford University, hosted by its Educational Programs for Gifted Youth (EPGY) group. I was truly…MORE >

  • -- Article --

    Averages are Just So-So

    Survey results that are presented as “average scores” can easily miss the mark. What does an average satisfaction score of 7.78 really mean? Presenting metrics that everyone can understand and act on is a critical component of any Customer Satisfaction / Customer Loyalty program, and it need not be very difficult.