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Success Stories

Below you’ll find some our client profiles and brief result synopses. Scroll down for more in-depth case studies.

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An $11B industrial manufacturing corporation was able to pin-point the critical issues that needed immediate attention in their distribution channel to drive loyalty and repurchase rates.

A $4B software company that sells through distribution needed to accelerate growth. Waypoint Group delivered insights that increased cross-sell and win-rates in their partner ecosystem.

A $40M provider of medical device equipment enabled their sales organization to create tighter customer relationships that increase customer lifetime value.

A Fortune 50 business solutions company increased their enterprise growth rates by broadening their footprint and influence in those accounts.

A B2C voice-over-IP company was able to prioritize improvement opportunities by increasing the percentage of Promoters in their business.

A consumer products company with over 10M customers sought to increase repurchase rates and word-of-mouth recommendations.

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    Feedback for Customer Success Teams Webinar


    In this webinar, learn how one team has been able to act on feedback and increase customer success Lots...

  • SAP AG Takes Action

    SAP AG Takes Action

    Waypoint Group identified gaps in the customer experience, completely redesigned the customer feedback methodologies and was able to engage…

  • B2B Telecommunications Firm Changes Trajectory

    B2B Telecommunications Firm Changes Trajectory

    Waypoint Group was hired to embed an internal system focused on customer service and Design and implement an easy…

  • Success Inside & Out

    Success Inside & Out

    Customer Experience Improvement

    Waypoint Group was hired to establish an ongoing, sustainable Customer Experience improvement effort that would engage both employees and…

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