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TopBox Pricing

Three levels of service, with growth at every step.

Choose from free, one-time insights to ongoing analytics and managed services.

Find out what your current NPS® or other customer feedback data is hiding.

  • Upload your current data*
  • Capabilities depend on the richness of your data:  ideally we will provide coverage and engagement analysis, financial linkage, key driver analysis, and more
  • Experts walk you through all the account-based reports and analysis
  • Improve with recommendations for action

(*NDA’s and strict data security included, of course.)

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TopBox Insights 
$995/ mo.
Get ongoing insights with unique account-based reports and segmented analysis that include:

  • Key Drivers  ?
  • Financial Linkage ?
  • Benchmarking ?
  • Trending
  • Account X-Ray  ?
  • Comment Classification & Reporting
  • Net Promoter® Analysis & Segmentation  ?
  • Salesforce integration

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Insights + Deployment
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You should be focused on engaging with customers. Let us do the survey work and report back to you. This subscription includes all of the Insights benefits, plus comprehensive program development:

  • Questionnaire design
  • Cadence and scheduling structure  ?
  • Steering committee workshops  ?
  • Frontline training  ?
  • Communication design  ?
  • Alerts for account teams  ?
  • In-depth results review and recommendation sessions

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Plus, all subscriptions include...

  • Unlimited logins for your team
  • Unlimited number of customer contacts
  • Mobile-ready questionnaires
  • Multi-lingual questionnaires

Have some questions?

topbox pricing

Why can't I just do this myself?

We know you have a lot going on with your accounts. Since we’ve been doing this work for more than 20 years, we want to make sure you have the tools and analysis tips you need to be successful. That’s why we include some consultative guidance on which questions to ask and how to design an effective program as a bonus for all our customers, so you can get it right from the beginning.

How is this different than other NPS survey tools?

It takes a lot more than 1 averaged score to facilitate action and improvement. TopBox has built-in guidelines to ensure accurate data and trustworthy insights. We correlate feedback scores with different touchpoint in your customer journey, segment data by the variables you need, and trigger alerts for your team because thats what will build a holistic program that improves customer success.

Why unlimited contacts and logins?

You should be hearing from all your customers and sharing these insights across the organization. We don’t want to block you from that glory! We’re opening up the floodgates for everyone to learn more about what customers need and have their voice be heard.

Why do I need segmentation?

Slicing and dicing your data is the best way to get the richest insights. We’ve built filters by Product type, Account Tier, Region, Account Manager/CSM, and more so you can easily distinguish trends and comparisons in use cases for maximum impact.

Am I going to be tied into a contract?

No. We got in this business to help other companies, not rope them into something they don’t use. We want to be sure you’re getting the value from TopBox and customer feedback that you deserve!

Is my data safe?

We take great pride in making sure your data is safe and protected. We have NDA and other security measures in place so even if you upload your data for the Free Trial, it remains in safe hands.

What our customers say

  • "We're extremely impressed by the Waypoint Group's expertise and thought leadership in operational CEM programs for B2B companies.  Their expert consulting clearly drives measurable impact for their customers.”
    Dale Weideman, Director of B2B Customer Solutions Medallia
  • “TopBox has given our team great insight to our customer relationships, including where to focus within an account. Linking the analysis with Salesforce is a great way to distribute the information across teams, provide actionable insights, and measure ROI for our customer success program."
    Don Wight, Chief Revenue OfficerDemandbase
  • "The TopBox team is a pleasure to work with and strives to understand the needs of their clients while consulting on best practices. I highly recommend TopBox as not only a fantastic feedback solution but a wonderful partner as well.”
    Kimberly Graham, Program Manager, Customer SuccessIntacct
  • “We’ve seen tremendous ROI from just 3 months of using TopBox. We can share actionable reports with other departments to truly impact customer success."
    Paul Piazza, VP of Client ServicesHumanity
  • "The data we got initially from the pilot survey really enabled us to pursue a meaningful conversation on how our solutions impact the channel visibility Zyme provides to our customers. We are clearly armed with a much better understanding of our accounts when walking into business reviews.”
    Mike Willwerth, Director of Territory SalesZyme Solutions
  • “…very effective in creating better relationships and exposing problems that our customers are experiencing, but not necessarily talking about.”
    Kurt Wolfgang, CEOVelocity Networks

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